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Wal-Mart Shareholders to Elect Directors, Consider 11 Proposals

Arkansas Business Online, AR
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... management firm. Williams also serves as a director of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., which operates 26 casinos in 13 states. According ...

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Gambling on Voting

New York Times
Sun, Jun 13th, 4:28AM
... Manufacturers are intensively scrutinized before they are licensed to sell gambling software or ... six months or more, similar to the kind done on casino operators ...

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Hotels offer better room rates than Web — most of the time

Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription), GA
Mon, Jun 7th, 12:00AM
Travelers going online for hotel bargains are getting a leg up thanks to ... may not appeal to everyone since Harrah's hotels are usually casinos and Disney ...

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US appetite for gambling grew in '03

CBS MarketWatch
Thu, May 27th, 12:00AM
... Casinos were visited by 27 percent of the adult population, while 19 percent were in ... 7 percent went to the track and just 2 percent did their betting online. ...

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Governor's deal may turn tables in gaming

San Diego Union Tribune, CA
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
SACRAMENTO – The stakes involved in a looming free-for-all over November ballot measures that would expand casino gambling may be matched only by the level ...

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Fund profits on casinos, security checks

Omaha World Herald, NE
Sun, Jun 13th, 5:28AM
... education and gambling. His holding in what is today Wynn Resorts dates to 1980, when the company led by Wynn was building the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic ...

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First Past the Post

Egypt Today, Egypt
Mon, May 31st, 12:00AM
... of alcohol and the closure of bars, nightclubs, gambling casinos and other ... on libel and innuendo — the party’s mouthpiece continues to be published online. ...

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MGM Mirage customers gamble with personal data

San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Sun, Jun 13th, 1:28PM
... t unique -- its data-collection practices are shared by most other major players in the gambling industry. As one of the world's largest casino operator, though ...

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Laws for Latch Key Kids

Thu, Jun 3rd, 3:06AM
... buy a loaf of bread or whatever and is gone 15-to-20 minutes its completely different from a child being left at home 12 to 15 hours at the gambling casino.". ...

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Victorian casino squad to get extra resources

ABC Online, Australia
Mon, May 31st, 12:00AM
... CHRISTINE NIXON: Oh look I think in casinos across Australia, and that's part of the evidence of organised crime being involved in terms of using anyway, any ...

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EUR 1,453,610.18 Online Jackpot Won by European Player / Joaquim ..., Germany
Wed, Jun 9th, 12:00AM
... Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these ...

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Treatment scant for compulsive gamblers

Los Angeles Daily News, CA
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
... Louisiana's two treatment centers get $2 million a year from state gambling taxes: $500,000 each from the New Orleans land casino, the 14 riverboat casinos ...

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Internet unknown tops $5 million poker event

WCNC (subscription), NC
Sat, May 29th, 12:00AM
... can get a huge amount of experience in a short time playing online and can ... all in more frequently than players who frequent card rooms or casinos," Glazer said ...

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Downloading Casino Software

Online Casino Reports
Sun, May 30th, 12:00AM
... becoming an easier and more vivid experience. Most of the best online casinos now offer high quality software as a free download. ...

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Shuttle America cuts route, MA
Sat, Jun 12th, 12:00AM
... 1. He said PacifiCare won Harvard Pilgrim's business because it has online billing capabilities ... the owner of the Luxor and Mandalay Bay casinos, rejected rival ...

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Sooner or later, desert will get a pro franchise

Daily Racing Form
Mon, May 24th, 12:00AM
... Moneymaker, the Tennessee accountant who parlayed $40 in an online qualifying tournament ... the $1 Million Horseplayers World Series, the Coast Casinos are giving ...

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Bob Kerr: Another life is touched by a bracelet

Providence Journal (subscription), RI
Sun, Jun 13th, 8:28AM
... He sold beer and went to the casino. He went to the casino and got home at 4 am. ... His compulsive gambling was never mentioned, but he is sure it was the reason. ...

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Gambling package in danger after frustrated sponsor drops support

Quad-Cities Online, IL
Wed, May 26th, 12:00AM
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- A plan to bring four new casinos to Illinois and expand gambling at the existing ones hit choppy water in the Legislature Tuesday ...

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US Seizes Cash In Online Gambling Crackdown

Casino City Times, MA
Tue, Jun 1st, 12:00AM
... `Federal prosecutors contend that online gambling sites are illegal, but the offshore casinos fall outside their jurisdiction. ...

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Vegas Law Firm Scandal Another Blow To Texas GOP

Free State Standard (subscription), TX
Thu, Jun 3rd, 6:06AM
... Watson is a former senior vice president with Alliance Gaming's Bally Gaming and Systems division, a casino technology company, according to the Chron. ...

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Losses mount for patrons of KC casinos

Lawrence Journal World, KS
Sun, Jun 13th, 8:28AM
... Expected casino celebrations throughout 2004 of the 10th anniversary of casino gambling in Missouri will only further inflate marketing budgets. ...

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61 Chinese held on gambling charges

Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates
Thu, Jun 3rd, 10:06AM
... According to an Associated Press (AP) report on Wednesday, the Chinese were arrested while engaged in casino-style gambling in an apartment in Rolla around mid ...

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Travel Distribution News, Events and Analysis

Eye For Travel
Tue, May 25th, 12:00AM
... but also leading online and offline intermediaries.”. In a special session this year, RM professionals from Las Vegas’s leading casinos, including Harrah’s ...


San Jose Mercury News (subscription), CA
Sat, Jun 12th, 12:00AM
... and some media companies like Discovery Networks and Clear Channel Communications, which said they stopped taking advertisements for online casinos that offer ...

Spam's assault is going beyond annoying e-mails, MI
Thu, Jun 3rd, 12:00AM
... And automated "spambots" littered the memorial page with as many as 15 ads a day for cell phone ring tones and online casinos, to the horror of his family and ...

Wilmington casino backers aim attack ads at wrong target

The News Journal, DE
Sun, Jun 13th, 10:28AM
... Minner's opposition to more gambling in Delaware, the attempt by a group of investors called Delaware Program LLC to put a slot machine casino on Wilmington's ...

Keno Rules at Striking Casinos Casino Player With Online Casinos (Online Casinos)

Game rules and how to play Keno:

Keno is similar to Lotto. It was first introduced in China many years ago. The game was brought to the USA in the mid 1800's by the Chinese immigrants who came to work in the mines and on the railroad. It is a very popular game and very easy to play. It is an exciting pastime and, most importantly, it offers the possibility of winning large payouts on relatively small wagers.
Keno is usually played in Casino lounges specifically allocated for the game, but there are so called 'Keno runners' who will collect your ticket and deliver the winnings if the player wants to play from outside the lounge area. There are many television monitors spread all over the Casino halls to keep players informed of the winning numbers.
There is also the video version of Keno. These are slots-like coin operated machines. It plays using the same principle with similar rules of the regular Keno, but you get the results much faster.
To play Keno, you select a minimum of 4 but no more than 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Each selection is called a 'Spot', so if you select 10 numbers you are playing a 10 Spot game.
Keno tickets are located at tables throughout the Casino and in the Casino's Keno lounge. The Casino provides a 'Keno crayon' for this purpose.
Simply mark a blank Keno ticket with the numbers of your selection. Then present your ticket to the Keno desk with your wager and the clerk will give you a duplicate ticket. In a few minutes, twenty numbered Keno balls will be drawn at random from a barrel containing 80 numbered balls, and if enough of your selected numbers are drawn, you are a winner. The results are displayed on screens, called Keno boards, throughout the Casino.
Minimum bets can be as low as 5 cents, although some Casinos only accept bets of $1 or more. The house's Keno brochures give you information about payoffs and various tickets you can play.
The amount of money you win is dependent upon the type of ticket you play and the number of 'spots' caught. You may play as many tickets as you wish. You could win as much as $50,000 on a $1 wager in some Casinos.
The round of a Keno game is called a Keno race. In many Casinos, 'multi-race' Keno is featured, where you can play a number of consecutive Keno races at one time.
The house advantage on Keno varies according to the Keno game played. It is always around 30% or more. The chances of hitting one number in 80 is 0.25%, making Keno among the worst bets you can make.